Dare Not Ask

When asked if I believe in fairy tales

I would say no

And cast away the promise of lands

I dare not go

When asked if I despise adventure,

I would offer my answer with glee

A simple yes would suffice for thee.

To the struggles of foreign lands

I call not my home

I shy away, this much known.

Beyond borders into territories abroad

I will not tread

Lest a lion eat me,

And I find myself dead.

To request of me my faith in magic,

I would decline.

There is only the world of truth,

And the sound of mind.

On the firm grounds of what is seen,

Is where I make my stand

To all those so see themselves a wizard,

I reject thine hand.

To ask of me, my belief in love

A stark refusal to be found.

I am not naïve, nor innocent dove.

To you, I may seem unhinged,

Appear unwound.

I am a touch shaken,

But never stirred.

When asked if I believe in fairy tales

I would say so

“Spare me now your make pretend,

To your games I shall not bend.

Make of me a broken man

So far beyond all chance to mend.

To the grave, my desires send.“

When asked if I despise adventure

To whom that ask, I must say

“Here me now, your pry in vain.

These nonsense questions,

To rest

They lay.

Ask me not of lands afar,

For I hate the world

That lie ‘neath unknown star.

Hear me now, ‘tis last I speak.

Cross solid lines

Are not paths I seek.

Leave me here, with heart in home.

A quiet place, a solitude I own.”

To request of me my faith in magic

My response to you who ever pries

“Beg me not for my support in the arcane.

Every spell and occult tome are my bane.

In this world there is only chance

And only pain.

The mistakes we make

Cannot be waved away

With a word or two,

A mystic saying.”

To ask of me, my belief in love

To you the soul that inquires,

I only cry.

“Ask me not of times long past.

Speak no ill of those that live and die.

The pain you bring I cannot deny.

My sullen heart rests beneath the floor.

I seeketh not this pain once more.

Let me forget the ones I can no longer adore.,

And the missing things my soul yearns for.

Pease, I beg you, make it so.

From this dismal chat,

I pray you go.

Leave me here in this lonely place.

Do not look back.

I am here, I am safe.

Leave me be when day is done.

So when morning comes I may forget the sun.

Let endless night paint my skies.

Weep for me not when I say goodbyes.”

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