Dream Another Day

On the pedestal looking down , a treasure to all, an achievement, a crown. Sign of envy, heart of attachment. To say the least, I’m attracted. Like a fly in a web, I’m held hopelessly captive. Out of options, out of time, but slow to move. Fully bound by the comforts, by this vanity of mine. 
A gem is a gem, but not gems all shine. Some are dim, and others filled with nothing more than promises and potential. An empty shell with a filled up exterior, but no weight to hold it down. 
A lovely idea without any actual thought. Maybe the child of hasty impulse, blind desire, or even the product that desperation wrought. 

It took a lot of colors to paint this picture, but I’m colorblind in this world of visions. No black, no whites, only somber grays. No real joy, but no fear of parting ways. There’s only ever comfort in dream. Even if that means being ignorant of the the truth that all is not as it seems. 
It’s fun to play pretend, but what is a facade other than a facade in the end? It can’t be held onto any more than dust in the wind. It’s funny. Candy tastes good, feels like the best in the word to eat, but candy isn’t good food. It’s fun for a while, but live on it and eventually turns vile.

It’s fun to dream, and it’s hard to wake up. Even harder to open the eyes and face a lesser reality. It’s substance, but seldom any glamour. I hope things could be some other way, but for now just let me dream another day.