Wild Love

With a fierceness hidden by gentle charms,
My heart beats wildly out of control.
A dazzling image painted before my eyes,
A jewel for all the world to see.
Short and sweet, this one is.

My thoughts are racing, faster than a breakneck pace.
One word, one look, my belly set aflutter.
Fighting back these clumsy lips,
a constant struggle to find my words,
not to seem a fool, not to stutter.

I’ve been bit, and bit hard it seems.
Overcome with feelings,
I barely know what it all means.
But no poison here,
Only joy bursting through the seams.

Red hot waves of flame set my soul ablaze.
Riled me up inside and out.
I can feel it without a doubt.
This heated emotion, hotter than the hottest Suns.
She shines on me and smiles bright.
Nothing else could feel so right.

Eyes like a maze, a sight to get lost in.
My senses and time quickly part ways.
Captivating with a grip so tight,
I can’t dream of turning back.
My feet are planted and my body stays.

Like a fish on the line,
You caught me, I’m yours.
Don’t throw me back,
I am afraid to swim.
Of all the others in the sea,
I am the one that wins.
No medals, no gold could compare,
To being here; like an answered prayer.

If you can’t see it now, I’ll paint it clear.
I’ll shout it too so the stars can hear.
All this feels better than love.
Call me crazy, but I know it’s true.
There is no better than here with you.