The Always

It just… always escapes me.
Forever far. Forever fleeting.
The stars never seem to line up.

The world never spins my way.
Aways running. Always racing.
The harmony is never in sync.

It just…always escapes me.
Infinitely distant. Intimately scarce.
It pains me to say, the scale is never even, never in line.

The circles all look square.
Hatefully out of reach. Painfully untouchable. The shapes are never what they really are, or what they need to be.

I always wonder where they are.
The scattered pieces. The spilled out feelings. Broken up across the plain.
I can’t remember when they were the same.

It just… always escapes me.
In my hands, then out of mind.
It just… always escapes me.
Friends for a breath, strangers the next. It just… always escapes me.
Changing with the tide, ever expanding our divide. It just… always escapes me.

Dance of Moon and Sun

Beating hearts of two and one.
Overflowing passions, and lust. The ever-looming threat of temptation between Moon and Sun. Forbidden feelings, the allure of sin. Ignoring all, for the pleasures that hide within, and behind the closed doors.

Blood, bonded. Shaking, shifting, quaking floors. Screams, moans.
The sounds that wake the bones.
Beauty in the corrupt arts. The longing from Moon to Sun, and in opposite turn, does the Sun’s heart burn. The kiss, the touch, soon starts.

Pin down, pull down and enter in.
The haunting melody, the cursed hymn. Exciting, motivating, encouraging the thrust. Giving it all, and pushing the trust. Tied down, tied up, and deeper still. Tormented by the heart turned ill. It pours out, and flows in. The proof of lust, the proof of sin.

Intertwined, intermingled, the sharing of one sky. The two repeat their dance, and forget the time. Sun and Moon, together still. Overcome in the moment, slaves to the feel.

Prelude to Insanity

Prelude to insanity.

I am weak and empty.
The spirits leave me.
I want to run away,
To chase after the scattered pieces,
But my legs refuse to move.

I am desperate and incomplete.
The heart rejects me.
I want to cry all day,
To wash out the sorrows,
But the rivers run dry.

Prelude to insanity.

I am cold and tired.
My feeling is lost.
I have clawed my way through time.
Every moment is a struggle in the present that doesn’t exist.

I am silent and drifting.
My voice abandoned me.
I cannot scream, I cannot yell.
Every echo rings nothingness to me,
And I’m scared.
Muteness overtaking.
Frightened and shaking.

Prelude to Insanity.

Breaking away into the monster that I am inside.
Running through the land, hunting, clawing, killing… Genocide.
Purge one, purge all.
Leave no soul, every soul to fall.

Tripping up at every step
Gasping, taking in futile breath.
Prelude to insanity.
Melt, and fade.
Prelude to insanity.
I’ve lost my way.

Wicked Union

To death do they part,
So they long for that day.
Though not together in death do these siblings lay.

Toxic union.
Wrapped, and tied by torment sworn.
Screams, shouts, and whispers forlorn.
United in the wickedness of pleasure and pain.

Unrequited negative emotion sewn by forbidden sin.
No order, no function, no love within.
Heart broken, bleed, heal, and bleed again.
Revel in the suffering of her by him.
The hands are stained.
The soul is chained.

Madness manifested into the two, and grows.
Twisting, turning, churning, warping into a grotesque being.
This sick summary of sadist pride,
Speaks nothing of whole story, long in age and time.

To death do they part,
So they long for that day.
Though not together in death do these siblings lay.
Breaking the bondage of souls intertwined, both cursed and fused,
Their severance insistently, and stubbornly refused.
To death do they part, that never day…

—Inspired by Shannon and Arianna

The Untamed

Wild, and crazy…
Irrational, violent, untamed like passionate flame.
Who he is, I dare not speak his name.

Unyielding ,and aggressive.
Unafraid to command.
What he wants, is what he gets.
Either taken, or given, it is his.
Simply done, no questions asked…

Smoke warns of dangers to come.
Hunt you down, you cannot run.
Anger given life, and given form.
No regrets.
No remorse.
Only pleasure in your pain.
No hesitation, no pause for screams.

—Inspired by Shannon

To the Cosmos

Thrust into heat of the moment.
Tensions, rising, growing, pulsating with intensity.
The lips tempt, the mouth expresses
in rhymes of heated passion.
Take me within.

Ever so shy, the tip slips just beyond the threshold.
Into the surface of bliss, the journey begins.
Gliding through the cosmos, the head spins.
Warm embrace of the stars,
The sweet hum of sin.
Music to my ears.

Deeper now, deeper in.
Into the throat of infinity,
Into the very heart, into the core.
Sliding back and forth,
Rhythmic motions set the pace.
Beyond the stars,
Beyond universe,
Beyond the ideas of time and space.

The head goes, gone, lost.
No pause, no breath, no rest.
Build, rising, boiling up to seams.
Raging, furiously, endless streams.
No strength to force back the ocean tide.
Rushing, pouring free, the endless white.
Blank, pure, but so unclean.
Deceiving to eyes, and ears, and all senses alike.
The truth can’t be felt, despite the knowing is clear.

Eyes up, glowing,
lit up like the smiles of 10,000 stars,
Passion understood,
Passion received.
Scattered beyond the face,
Beyond the expanse.
Resting undisturbed, the seed.
Growing, rising, increasing evermore.
Burning knees, not weak,
But pressed firmly to the floor.

Thrust into heat of the moment.
Tensions, rising, growing, pulsating with tenacity.
The lips tempt,
The mouth expresses
in rhymes of gentle emotion.
To the Cosmos,
Take me again.


The sky lights up,
And comes to life.
It is mine.

Thunder fills the air,
It screams my name!
The storm is me.

Howling winds to carry the world in caring arms.
Dance in wild skies tamed by none.
The atmosphere can bite.

Blowing all away,
They will know, I am the storm.

Darkness turned to light.
Bursting brilliance, mystical beauty.
Art in an instant, then fade away.

And hope dies in the bright.
Caring in the dark of the night,
Then betrayed by the flash.
Hope in light, next light recede.
The cycle brings pain, from pain I bleed.

I am the storm,
The storm is me!

— Inspired by Tatsuki