The Untamed

Wild, and crazy…
Irrational, violent, untamed like passionate flame.
Who he is, I dare not speak his name.

Unyielding ,and aggressive.
Unafraid to command.
What he wants, is what he gets.
Either taken, or given, it is his.
Simply done, no questions asked…

Smoke warns of dangers to come.
Hunt you down, you cannot run.
Anger given life, and given form.
No regrets.
No remorse.
Only pleasure in your pain.
No hesitation, no pause for screams.

—Inspired by Shannon

To the Cosmos

Thrust into heat of the moment.
Tensions, rising, growing, pulsating with intensity.
The lips tempt, the mouth expresses
in rhymes of heated passion.
Take me within.

Ever so shy, the tip slips just beyond the threshold.
Into the surface of bliss, the journey begins.
Gliding through the cosmos, the head spins.
Warm embrace of the stars,
The sweet hum of sin.
Music to my ears.

Deeper now, deeper in.
Into the throat of infinity,
Into the very heart, into the core.
Sliding back and forth,
Rhythmic motions set the pace.
Beyond the stars,
Beyond universe,
Beyond the ideas of time and space.

The head goes, gone, lost.
No pause, no breath, no rest.
Build, rising, boiling up to seams.
Raging, furiously, endless streams.
No strength to force back the ocean tide.
Rushing, pouring free, the endless white.
Blank, pure, but so unclean.
Deceiving to eyes, and ears, and all senses alike.
The truth can’t be felt, despite the knowing is clear.

Eyes up, glowing,
lit up like the smiles of 10,000 stars,
Passion understood,
Passion received.
Scattered beyond the face,
Beyond the expanse.
Resting undisturbed, the seed.
Growing, rising, increasing evermore.
Burning knees, not weak,
But pressed firmly to the floor.

Thrust into heat of the moment.
Tensions, rising, growing, pulsating with tenacity.
The lips tempt,
The mouth expresses
in rhymes of gentle emotion.
To the Cosmos,
Take me again.


The sky lights up,
And comes to life.
It is mine.

Thunder fills the air,
It screams my name!
The storm is me.

Howling winds to carry the world in caring arms.
Dance in wild skies tamed by none.
The atmosphere can bite.

Blowing all away,
They will know, I am the storm.

Darkness turned to light.
Bursting brilliance, mystical beauty.
Art in an instant, then fade away.

And hope dies in the bright.
Caring in the dark of the night,
Then betrayed by the flash.
Hope in light, next light recede.
The cycle brings pain, from pain I bleed.

I am the storm,
The storm is me!

— Inspired by Tatsuki

The Black

He of shadows,
Cloaked in black,
He is dressed to kill.
Beat you down,
Rend you bare,
Then violate for the thrill.

Guy of darkness.
A man with body as crooked as his soul.
His grotesque existence,
He has no reservations to show.
Hideous mind, morbid heart.
Trespassing upon the bodies of the weak,
The hunt for flesh is his art.

Man of the abyss,
With ebon tendrils.
They first crack,
Then speak the truth.
To stand against him,
What’s the use?
No obstacle he cannot climb,
Confronting every challenge as if his design.

Prince of Sable,
I cannot lie.
The shadows take you,
And hide you from the eye.
Lord of Onyx,
I cannot lie.
Your power keeps you,
You cannot die.
King of Absent Light,
I cannot lie.
You are suffocating dark,
Sum Yung Gai.

— Inspired by Sum Yung Gai


This blade does not speak.
Old steel forged in old ways,
And wielded by the end of days.
A warrior crafted by his own two hands,
By law he stands.
Precision at its peak.
Whispering not,
His calculated blade.
Tactical and keen on the field.
Unmatched silent skill.
To him all foes shall yield.
Ultimate predator,
King of kill.

— Inspired by Kaiden

Pale Beauty

Pale beauty,
Mother of the Night,
The sands,
And her Castle.
Wicked only in battle,
She shows heart where no heart belongs.
Pale beauty,
Flutter by in the moon.
Her children cry,
And she sees them soon.
Pale Beauty,
Moth of the night,
Cherished and Loved.
She is queen, with none above.
Pale beauty,
Capture hearts,
And break them with toxic charms.
Pale Beauty,
Mother of the night,
Princess of fluttered flight.
Pale Beauty,
Mother of all,
Your loyal servants heed your call.

— Inspired by Luna

Child of Magic

Deceptive, in her tiny from.
Short and sweet, this girl.
Magical in almost every way.
Already too late, once you’ve been warned.
Her quick feet and sharp mind will make you pay.
Though fragile and young, she is truly tough.
Hear me now for this is no bluff.
Misjudge her once, and I can bet,
That upon your folly, you will regret.
She is a baby in nothing else but looks.

Candy is what candy does,
A poison to this young one.
In a hyper fit, she runs to and fro.
Across the world and back,
Her boundless energy goes.
Containing her then,
Is only a challenge,
Surely everyone knows.
You’ve a better chance,
At the same time,
Being open, and closed.

Oh child, in your observant ways,
Most struggle to keep up with the games she plays.
Ever studying foe,
Then chanting and channeling.
Then final blow.

—Inspired by Momo

Red. Hot. Kid.

Red. Hot. Kid.
Sadistic and cruel.
Your eyes are your weapon,
And your wicked heart your tool.
Red. Hot. Kid.
Lonely, and strong.
His screams are pain,
They are agony’s song.
Red. Hot. Kid.
His voice is darkness,
His voice is black.
Tremble at the pride in every attack.
Red. Hot. Kid.
Not so small.
His name alone,
And prey will fall.
Red. Hot. Kid.
You in your wicked stride.
Weak knell before you,
Your commands they abide.
Red. Hot. Kid.
Red. Hot. Kid.

—Inspired by Akachan

Distance is Medicine

Distance is medicine.
Tempt me not with your touch,
Your looks,
Your lips
Your scent.
To me, the eyes you have are not innocent.
Distance is medicine.

Hand upon your breast,
and your breath excite me.
Distance is medicine.
I’m losing control.
Fighting the urge to let passion flow.
Oh, why don’t you know?
I’m trembling.
Distance is medicine.

Your voice is arousing.
Singing to me with promises of bliss.
All the subtle hints I cannot miss,
You almost leave me with no choice,
But distance is medicine
I have to take this.
You and your devilish charms,
Sounding all of my alarms.
Distance is medicine.

Seal our love with a kiss.
Hands grasping at your hips.
Distance is medicine.
Keep me in control.
Oh ,that look in your eyes.
How you lure me in.
With unexplained allure
Distance is medicine,
And I want to keep my love pure.
Distance is medicine,
But love is the cure.