Prelude to Insanity

Prelude to insanity.

I am weak and empty.
The spirits leave me.
I want to run away,
To chase after the scattered pieces,
But my legs refuse to move.

I am desperate and incomplete.
The heart rejects me.
I want to cry all day,
To wash out the sorrows,
But the rivers run dry.

Prelude to insanity.

I am cold and tired.
My feeling is lost.
I have clawed my way through time.
Every moment is a struggle in the present that doesn’t exist.

I am silent and drifting.
My voice abandoned me.
I cannot scream, I cannot yell.
Every echo rings nothingness to me,
And I’m scared.
Muteness overtaking.
Frightened and shaking.

Prelude to Insanity.

Breaking away into the monster that I am inside.
Running through the land, hunting, clawing, killing… Genocide.
Purge one, purge all.
Leave no soul, every soul to fall.

Tripping up at every step
Gasping, taking in futile breath.
Prelude to insanity.
Melt, and fade.
Prelude to insanity.
I’ve lost my way.

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