The Black

He of shadows,
Cloaked in black,
He is dressed to kill.
Beat you down,
Rend you bare,
Then violate for the thrill.

Guy of darkness.
A man with body as crooked as his soul.
His grotesque existence,
He has no reservations to show.
Hideous mind, morbid heart.
Trespassing upon the bodies of the weak,
The hunt for flesh is his art.

Man of the abyss,
With ebon tendrils.
They first crack,
Then speak the truth.
To stand against him,
What’s the use?
No obstacle he cannot climb,
Confronting every challenge as if his design.

Prince of Sable,
I cannot lie.
The shadows take you,
And hide you from the eye.
Lord of Onyx,
I cannot lie.
Your power keeps you,
You cannot die.
King of Absent Light,
I cannot lie.
You are suffocating dark,
Sum Yung Gai.

— Inspired by Sum Yung Gai

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