Child of Magic

Deceptive, in her tiny from.
Short and sweet, this girl.
Magical in almost every way.
Already too late, once you’ve been warned.
Her quick feet and sharp mind will make you pay.
Though fragile and young, she is truly tough.
Hear me now for this is no bluff.
Misjudge her once, and I can bet,
That upon your folly, you will regret.
She is a baby in nothing else but looks.

Candy is what candy does,
A poison to this young one.
In a hyper fit, she runs to and fro.
Across the world and back,
Her boundless energy goes.
Containing her then,
Is only a challenge,
Surely everyone knows.
You’ve a better chance,
At the same time,
Being open, and closed.

Oh child, in your observant ways,
Most struggle to keep up with the games she plays.
Ever studying foe,
Then chanting and channeling.
Then final blow.

—Inspired by Momo

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