Distance is Medicine

Distance is medicine.
Tempt me not with your touch,
Your looks,
Your lips
Your scent.
To me, the eyes you have are not innocent.
Distance is medicine.

Hand upon your breast,
and your breath excite me.
Distance is medicine.
I’m losing control.
Fighting the urge to let passion flow.
Oh, why don’t you know?
I’m trembling.
Distance is medicine.

Your voice is arousing.
Singing to me with promises of bliss.
All the subtle hints I cannot miss,
You almost leave me with no choice,
But distance is medicine
I have to take this.
You and your devilish charms,
Sounding all of my alarms.
Distance is medicine.

Seal our love with a kiss.
Hands grasping at your hips.
Distance is medicine.
Keep me in control.
Oh ,that look in your eyes.
How you lure me in.
With unexplained allure
Distance is medicine,
And I want to keep my love pure.
Distance is medicine,
But love is the cure.

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