Love for Alkaid

Crimson waves to catch my stare.
Eyes burning bright with passion.
Content to just breathe your air.
I want to scream “I like you!”, but my soul is too shy to say. I’m too quiet to confess my love for Alkaid.

Brighter than the brightest stars.
Content to just be in your light.
I could only ever be with you from afar.
I want to scream “I want you!”, but my soul fights to say. I’m too weak to confess my love for Alkaid.

Beauty in human form.
Spark my feelings and ignited my heart.
To be by your side, is my destiny sworn.
I want to scream “I need you!”, but my soul fails to say. I’m not good enough to confess my love for Alkaid.

The sweet call of your voice.
Lure me in like Soren’s song.
To follow, I have no choice.
I want to scream “I love you!”, but my soul cries instead. I’m realizing now, Alkaid is dead.

Crimson waves of passions flare.
Burning bright in darkened air.
Beauty not forgotten.
An eternity born.
Sing from the heavens
Give all your grace.
Hear me now.
I love Alkaid.

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