Frozen: Immaculate Burial

Shadows over the frozen wilds of my heart. Vast expanse of taintless hills bound in ice. Freezing memories of misery, trapped forever more in their glacial prison. Dead hands numb in cold, numb in expression, numb in all. Null to all. No warmth, no life in endless snowfall. All to null.

Burdened by blankets of untouched frost white, alone, no others in sight. Forgotten in the storms of harshest winter, embracing solitude in the the eternal wintry abyss. Void to all. Chilling stories never told, never spilling the contents of heart. All to void.

Bathed in arctic wrath, crying hopelessly into the skies.
Begging for light and a way to break Forever’s Night. Abandoned all.
Bleak grounds encase, desolate heavens ensnare. All abandoned.
Grim life put forth to death’s stare. Weighed and evaluated fair.
End to persistent despair.
Immaculate Burial.

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