Distance Calling

I speak your language, but can you truly understand me?
I know you can hear, but do you ever listen?
Your eyes can see, but do you see me?
We share this world, but can we really coexist?

You pass me by.
Once by day.
Once by night.
Yet we never meet at all.

Time creeps, time begins to crawl.
The agony comes and life begins to stall.

Each action done in spite.
It’s all so empty, so cold.
Yet everything is fine, I’m told.

I used to think of when we grow old.
Looking back, remembering days bathed in gold.

Now all is forced-forgotten.
An apple sweet, turned rotten.

And bind
Lost time.

And intertwine.

Your world is yours
And my world is mine.
Drawn out and torn in

Nine reasons to crumble.
Nine reasons to fall.
Nine reasons to forget.
Nine reasons to remember it all.
Nine times to say one goodbye.

Even though we never once stopped to say hello.

Nine reasons cry.
Nine reasons hide.
Nine reasons move on.
Nine reasons not to finish this time.

Falling, Fallen, Fall

You know not the gravity of your mistakes.
Their realm now lies dead, and abandoned.
What allies there are, too few to aid the cause.
Others would argue that hope is a loss.

Torn are we in our visions of the truth.
Your arrogance and uncanny ignorance has turned you from the proof.
Error lies in your ways, hovers, haunts, stays.

Fought not for gold and glory.
But in favor of those who simply wish to tell their story.
Fought not for ourselves, and our own agenda.
But for the right, for justice, for the good of the small.
Yet you do not know at all, your folly led to their fall.
Now even still none hear us as we call.

Echoes, falling, fallen, fall…


Inexhaustible suffering.
Never-ending tears.

The world as I know it becomes undone.
Hell born from paradise.
Eternity is as black as night.

Create the void and lie me down.
Open my heart and take me out.
Melt my soul and break my bones.
Intake the bleakness.
Naught is what I am.
Gone from this realm.

Vacant expressions.

I hear nothing.


Negligent feelings.

Harmonious discord
Everlasting nothing.

Bleeding soul
Indescribable sensation
Erase the memory.

All things mean nothing.
Never once have I felt anything different.
Grim future, grim present, grim past are all I see.
Even now, black surrounds me.
Reliving each and every moment I despise.

Annihilate me.
Neutralize the burden that I am.
Destroy all there is.

Sorrow is but a blessing to me.
Corroded existence, faded being.
Over indulgent in my desire for agony.
Repentance is all but a dream.
Never is my always.


Miasma of the truth creeps forward.
Yearning to take the innocent.
Screaming curses, expressing ill will.
Everything in its grasps dies slowly.
Love, compassion, kindness, all erased.
Forsaking everything.

If only hope could breath here.

Anything good would be enough.
Maybe things could be better.

Nothing would hurt anymore.
Obsessions would die.
Time would not crawl by.
Hints of joy would return to me.
Interwoven in happiness.
Never feeling alone.

If only light would come.

A little is all I need.
Maybe it’s too much to ask for.

Desperation would meet its end.
Eternity would bend.
All I need is light.
Don’t leave me in the dark.

Invitations to agony.
Nihilistic visions of fate.
Systematic destruction if self.
Invisible to all.
Dead to all.
Everything to none.

Insistent chaos.

Antagonizing nightmares.
Missing touch.

Dismal whispers through the air.
Angels fallen, provoke my stare.
Revenge, regret, rejection.
Kill me, kill all that I am.
Not one demon in my eyes.
Everlasting end.
Suffer not.
Suffer always.

Revel in exile.
Envy the non-existence.
Adore the nothingness.
Love what is not there.
Idolize cessation.
Zone of the cryptic.
Embrace the lost world.
Drown in the end.