Poety from my mind
To my hands
Flowing like a river
My imagination is free
With rhymes to make the soul shiver.
The pen is a powerful thing
In my hands there is nothing stronger.

Painting like Picasso
Composing like Mozart
My Canvas, the sheet on my desk.
The stream of words is my art,
and my craft.
The words let the mood set.
Bringing what makes the heart float.

Poetry form the depths of me.
Over flowing with passion
Bursting at the seams with powerful emotion, hands dashing in constant motion, it takes the breath from me.

And I breath in new air and new ideas. I turn them around and put them down in and a heat beat, my heat beats, beats to the beat of my poem. Changes the words and the flow but not the tone. To and end that I don’t know, and I don’t know where my time and where my mind go when the thoughts flow.

Poetry it moves me and all that I am.
Soothes me when nothing else can.
Expression in the purest form.
In the heart of the words I am born.
Free is me and free I am.

Poety from my mind
And in my hands
Imagination like an ocean
My imagination is free
Wave and waves of feeling
Rushing, running, racing.
With rhymes to get the soul shaking.

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