Distance Calling

I speak your language, but can you truly understand me?
I know you can hear, but do you ever listen?
Your eyes can see, but do you see me?
We share this world, but can we really coexist?

You pass me by.
Once by day.
Once by night.
Yet we never meet at all.

Time creeps, time begins to crawl.
The agony comes and life begins to stall.

Each action done in spite.
It’s all so empty, so cold.
Yet everything is fine, I’m told.

I used to think of when we grow old.
Looking back, remembering days bathed in gold.

Now all is forced-forgotten.
An apple sweet, turned rotten.

And bind
Lost time.

And intertwine.

Your world is yours
And my world is mine.
Drawn out and torn in

Nine reasons to crumble.
Nine reasons to fall.
Nine reasons to forget.
Nine reasons to remember it all.
Nine times to say one goodbye.

Even though we never once stopped to say hello.

Nine reasons cry.
Nine reasons hide.
Nine reasons move on.
Nine reasons not to finish this time.

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