In between night and day,
Nothing reaches out to embrace me.
It is here, where I will stay.
There is nowhere I wish to go.
My mind, my soul, all that I am only exists here…
A world of twilight and gray surrounds me.

Lost in the expanse.

No stars, no night sky.
I forget what time is,
No pain, no romance.
This real world
A world of nothingness.
Eyes dart back forth,
Watching as everything else evolves,
And fades away…
I cannot envy them.
Detached from the world around me,
Attached to one that lies within.
I am finding solitude.
Here at the crest of this in-between ,
I can feel myself being forced to stay.

This muted twilight world is all I know,
A places where time refuses to flow.
A world where the heart does not run.
Fate is bleak,
No moon,
No Sun…

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