Night has long fallen,
Sweet slumber reaches out to embrace me.
I can feel myself slipping away,
Falling where I wish to go.
My body lingers here,
My mind, my soul wanders a vibrant field of dreams.

Lost in bliss.

The stars of the night sky shine bright and light my way.
I forget what time is,
My only desire is to stay,
This dream world
A world of grace.
Eyes dart back forth,
Watching shooting stars dance across the night sky,
I cannot leave this magic place.
Diving out from the world around me,
Into the one that lies within.
I'm finding hope.
Here at the crest of this peaceful night,
I can feel myself slipping away,
Happiness does not once leave my sight.

This painted world is all I know,
the only place I dream to go.
A place where my free heart can run.
Hope is rising,
Like the Morning Sun…

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