Night has long fallen,
Sweet sleep refuses to take me.
I can feel myself slipping away,
But it is not the way I wish to go.
What's left of me lingers here,
The rest wanders a dark and crooked road


Rhe stars of the night sky do not light my way.
I wait in silence,
Waiting for the light of day,
But my eyes do not know such grace.
They stare fixated on the shadows,
I cannot leave this darkened place.
Cast out from the world around me,
Loathed by the one within.
I'm losing hope in this cloud of sin,
It is thickening now,
The air is thin.
Here at the crest of fallen day,
I can feel myself slipping away,
Perhaps this is my price to pay.
I am comforted by this familiar pain,
I smile now in blissful vain

This bleak white world is all I know.
Hope has fallen like the winter's snow…

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