My Hell

The void.
The endless abyss where my heart once lied.
Only darkness paints my skies.
A world of madness perpetuated by lies.

Fallen from the top of universe down into the depths of the unknown.
Caught in the web of chaos my hatred sewn.
Bitterness and malice encase me.
Fear is my love,
and I smiled gratefully as she embraced me.

Pieces of my puzzle scattered,
tossed about by my rage.
All that remains are the scraps of my sanity.
I watch and scream as they scramble after the pieces.

Who am I?
What am I?

Too long have I been here,
wandering in my negativity.
Ensnared by my madness.
Tangled in the vines of endless self pity.
I am not what I used to be.
I am warped by the darkness inside of me.

Time, mean nothing.
Light means nothing.
All meaningless.
Nihilism is my only truth.
To abandon all,
and to accept emptiness as my proof…of existence.

Here, maps do not guide,
they lead me astray and leave me to cry
as they tear me from my soul and throw it away.
Overwhelmed by the dreadful sight,
I feel betrayed.
I am a traitor to myself.
Ignored as I beg and plead for help.
Beaten, starved, by none other than me.
A slave never destined to be set free.

My oblivion.
My home.
My cradling arms.
My sweetest love.
My most bitter enemy.
My never ending torment.

Only I am to blame.

I am…

My hell.

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