Two sides to one coin.
Nearly the same in every way.
You like me, and I like you.
A true reflection.
you move as I do, and even talk as I do.

Yet you see opposite of me.
Nor share my destiny.
Together we move, one in the same, yet independently.
Bound together, yet forever free from the one beside.

Parallel we travel, together side by side. My life long friend.
My twin, and I. Into the boundless unknown we ride.

Though the further we go,
The less the truth decides to hide. Apart we grow, and for what?
I do not know.
Parting seemed to disturb the flow.

My other half, where did you go?

As time would tell, my life soon went to hell.
The once straightforward path, now gone askew.
Perhaps it is because I'm missing you.
Or because my light is lost, and now I'm blind.

I cannot pursue my destiny, without the light to guide me.
Please come back and return me to my path, else I face darkness wrath.

I all I know is you and I.
Without my twin, my other side.
The one who in, I can confide, the partner who one stood beside.
Walking alone, I'm missing Gemini.

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