One stand against the world and all it sees.
Though flows in harmony with the shifting tides.
Harbinger of a revolution, gateway into a new age.
Everything done cannot be perceived by normal eyes.
Radiant dreams are far from realized.

Of all to exist, only walks this path.
Tired feet fight on without relent.
Hours turned to centuries, countless time spent.
Even though in pain it does not make a dent.
Resolve to see this journey through to the end is higher than ever before.

Others find it odd.
They cannot grasp the reasoning.
Had they looked at the bigger picture,
Everything would be clear.
Realizing it takes patience, a concept lost on most.

One effort that transcends all.
Tried by one, and one alone.
He knows of the dangers ahead.
Every trial to come has been passed.
Remembering the struggle since his first step, to the last.

On the hard eternal road
The will to continue never fades.
Heart as strong as iron.
Envious of none around.
Running down his own line

One not bound by fate, not even time.
Traveling this path step by step.
Having the patience to walk this road.
Even the mightiest of frustrations can't bend this path.
Remember me always, for I am other.

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