Dreams and Nightmares

Dreams of black haunt me.
Much like the echoes,
the memories of my childhood when many used to point at,
laugh at, and taunt me.
Yes still I rise,
and still I carry on.
Despite the fact that this road is paved with heated glass,
and utterly daunting.

Til this day,
I remain ignorant of what it is that drives me,
what it is that keeps me going,
when many times I've stopped to realize how alone I've been.
No one here to stand beside me,
and push me through when times are gray.
A sadness only rivaled by living in a world without day.
Crushed under the weight of the constant burden of longing for the light of the sun,
and the reassuring warmth that it brings.
If only I could change the tune, my torn heart sings.

And here I stand.
Wondering if I am still child, or a man.
I've Gone so far,
but not far enough it seems.
I can hardly understand all I've been through,
what it truly means.
To me it all seems beyond reality.
No limits. not boundaries.
Just a world of nightmares, and dreams.

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