Strong is me.

Eyes wide and filled with rage,
Like a wild beast freed from its cage.
Blood boiling so hot, that now all your heart pumps is steam.
Surely such madness can only exist in dreams.

My heart says to run, it begs with shouts and screams.
But my soul calls telling me to stay and fight.
I can no longer tell which is right.

Starting to break down, breathing now takes all my might.
Paralyzed, and rendered helpless by the terrible sight… of your eyes staring at me.
Burning away all my mind's defenses, leaving every cell I have, dumb and senseless.

Stabbing at my soul, tearing away at the whole… entity I used to be,
your everlasting hate crippled me, and now I bleed.

Lying here trapped, it seems I can't be freed.
Forever bound by the fear inside of me.

I only wish now I could close my eyes, count to three and it'd all be gone.
But who am I kidding, this pain is reality.

Or to start over again, in a world where I am strong.
A world where I'm not the being you see, singing this broken and sad song.
Or maybe that is who I was all along. Someone that can't be broken.
Someone who's voice rings loud, and not is soft spoken.
Maybe the truth inside has finally awoken.

One to rise against you tall and proud.
One to tell you such hatred is not allowed.
To put an end to all the misery.
To let the world rejoice and be free.
Standing strong, strong is me.

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