Inward Chaos

Humanity seems lost, the chaos inside tears it from me.
It leaves me sad, worried, and confused.
Knowing that insanity can consume who I once was ,and reshape me into something I never knew could exist.
A monster some would say, but I don't care either way.
Reality is all the matters, and it shows that all hope may be lost.
Understanding this, I cry.

Sometimes I lose myself, my mind, my breath escapes me.
Awakening from the madness, lost and in a daze.
No memories, no trace, madness forgotten.
Taking what little of me there is, and casting it aside.
Out…out into the open world for the wolves to feed on.
Ruining what chance there is to take it back.
Yelling does no good, the chaos in side consumes all, it seems omnipotent.
Understanding this, I cry…

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