Sometimes we wished the world worked they way we wanted it to.
Sometimes we dream of something beautiful, only to wake up a moment later when things come crashing down, suddenly twisted and morphed into a nightmare.

Sometimes we wish we could speak, without being criticized or shunned for what we say, to speak from the heart and not get cut down for our words.
Yet the world is filled with warriors. Armed with bows, spears and razor sharp swords.
Killing to just kill…sadly for nothing more than to see blood spill.

Sometimes we wish we didn't have to march in to battle.
Lost loved ones, bombs, and broken cities.
No mercy, no compassion, and ultimate humiliation for the enemy.
Is what we were taught, but for nothing real have we fought.

Sometimes we wished it would rain.
To cleanse us for all that is wrong.
To be forgiven and re-loved, and reminded that we belong.
Something to lessen the pain, rather than being knocked down, kicked around and left to wallow in the blood that stains…the soul that is fragile.
Easily broken mo matter how well we've kept it.
Sometimes we wish to be able to pick up where the good times were,
to be able to find our happiness right where we left it

Sometimes we wish things could be the way they should be.
Instead of chasing after what little good they could be,

Sometimes we dreamed that such a wish could be granted.
Something none could ever take for granted.
A seed to be cared for, nurtured, and cherished eternally once planted.

Sometimes we wish we knew what life would be like.
If one wish was all it took.
To change the things we face right here and now.
To see the light break through dark clouds.
We wait for the day to see our wish cone true.
Sometimes things, should start anew.

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