At the top of the hill I stand.
Alone and cold as I look down upon the earth.
Even with wings spread wide, I fear the fall.
Bathed in anguish, my heart calls.
A pain I've known since birth.

Falling from unparalleled heights
Trembling and robbed of all my sight.
The ground doesn't seem so bad from here.
No matter how high I fly, I can't rise above the tears.
Still, they fall just like me.
From Heaven to Earth.
My everlasting curse.

Spiraling downwards out of control,
How much time do I have left?
I do not know.
The fear for the end is burned deep into my soul.
I wait for the hand death to take it's hold.

From Heaven to Earth.
From the sky, and returned to dirt.
A pain I've known since birth.
My everlasting curse.

Falling forever here in eternity…
Down to the ground beneath me.
It openly waits to greet me.

Falling beyond all despair,
my wing refuse to catch air.
Lost in chaos I blankly stare.
Having lost everything,
Only time is left to torment me.

Falling free forever here in eternity…

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