Spinning madly, wildly, and chaotic like a hurricane.
A tremendous force; powerful, and devastating.
Billions of colors thrown, thrashed, and turned around.
Splattered upon the broken wall, a miraculous painting.
Revitalizing, reliving, and retelling a long forgotten story.


To come and go with the gentle breeze,
But leaving an imprint in many hearts, with astounding ease.
Taking the worst of things, and finding the good.
Giving the fallen a chance to be born anew.
Not one to cast judgment, nor to save a chosen few.


Be it the wrath released upon the world,
Or its true beauty being unfurled,
When the wind comes it tells a story,
A gentle whisper to bless the ears.
To carry away the troubles and fears.

A cyclone will come and go, but will never be forgotten.

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