What is it that makes us who we are?
What is it that keep us together once we've gone so far?

Is it hope? Is it faith, that keeps us going?
No, that's what we have when we rely on the all knowing…

What will be when we've forgotten ourselves?
And become but a shadow of our former glory?
Will be able to tell our truths?
Or will we leave behind our false stories?

The hour of the end, the crossroads of our inner most self.
The part of our path we've long forgotten, this was where we made our biggest choice.
To shine in the light of who we are, or to fall in to the darkness, where no one hears our voice.

The strangeness of the unknown future swayed our thoughts, and dirtied our minds.
Often left blind and confused by it, sometimes buried in fear.
Leaving us to turn an walk the darkest road.
Ignorant of our deepest and truest feelings,
we calmly strode.

Do we find what ties us to what we are?
Do we remember once we've made it that far?
Did we rely on hope or faith, whenever our path was not straight?
Leaving us to suffer as we wait.
Or did we find our own strength to familiarize the strange,
and make sense of the confusing?

All the answers may not be clear, but to understand requires a heart that hears.
An effortless journey results in losing what ties, leaving us to walk in our shadow of lies.

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