Torn between two worlds, no three, four?
I'm so distraught I've lost sight of where I am.
My eyes, now blind, can no longer tell where I stand.

The blood of a hurt heart will forever linger upon the fingers that crushed it,
no matter how hard we scrub the truth can't be forgotten.
We may not cry often, but our tears still fall.
After that, it is impossible to count them all.

Wandering, no searching, no finding? Lost? What's missing?
Confusion ensues, entangles, and strangles all in it's grasp without relent.
This is clearly its greatest sin, though it will never repent.
Much like I never have.

I suppose this my punishment.
Walking down this twisted path.
Curled, folded, and bent beyond recognition.
Much like my heart, and how it died of malnutrition.

Despite that I live to see another day.
And on that day I will erase all the things I say, then destiny and I will walk away,
leaving but the remains of something once great to dissipate and fade,
much like a warrior felled by his enemy's blade.

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