Happily Ever After

How can I feel high, when I'm so low?
You clipped my wings, then dealt the final blow.
A pain so great, I can feel it in my soul.
Is there hope?
I do not know…

My eyes can only see my time below.
Buried in the shallow grave.
Sorrow's hollowed slave.
On my knees I beg, I pray! To live, please show another way!
I cannot survive another day.

Like a twisted branch on this crooked tree I call my life.
All that's wrong, is my right.
You may see it clear, but I can see no light.
My pain must have not have been…in your sight.

Like a king without his crown, he curls and weeps upon the ground.
I can see clearly now, bright as day… sorrow is my price to pay.
Heard it once, now hear it twice.
My pain is the ultimate price.
All for one; I pay this debt, and there it is, my one regret…
Out of time, my sun has set…

Fallen, like an angel who spit at god.
What smile you see, is but a fraud.
I'm tempted in my darker days,
to close this book and walk away.
This end is my…happily ever after….

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