Why turn green, when my soul is blue? Some would say. And they are
those who don't think of the price to pay. Children of red orange and
pink play in the warming sun, without ever once having stopped to think.

Total war, riot…calamity?
Some might say we are on the brink.
But what about the blind eye, and those who think they can't die?
Do we turn to them, reach out with loving arms, and lie? Is that what
it takes to see the truth? Some would argue: To go so far, what's the
use? To tell a lie to those whose eyes can't see, and to tell those who
believe something that can't be, can be, and is a certainty? Would
they believe? How do we make the horse drink once we've led it to water? Do we say
it will die without it, or do we leave it be, and question: Can it see
the way I see?

To think not the thoughts of some, nor the thoughts of others. Is
the way we live. Often taught to give…a care.
But when the thoughts, feelings, and hearts of others reach the air.
We often sit, and blankly stare. What's up with that, they may say. I
taught you better, well… I did get paid. To criticize when you do
not realize that you do just the same… Hmmm… What does that say?

Believe me so, or believe me not. I promise you I left my wisdom, and
my words are taught. You'll hear me so, and you'll hear me true. Let's
not stay red, let's not stay blue. Ask yourself, what color are you?

If the point is hard to see, turn the picture or leave it be. In this
world we aren't born to win, we are born to try, and try again. Some
might say the road is tough.

Excuse me… I have to laugh.

They are those who have not tried hard enough.

Red, yellow, black and white.
We follow our eyes, and our foolish sight. The eyes are childish
fiends you see. And when they can, tricked you'll be.

I speak in riddle, perhaps in rhyme, but that's to ensure your
attention is mine. Believe me so, or believe me not. Color is not real
until color is taught. It is the reason why some have fought. You'll
hear me so, and you'll hear me true. Let's not stay red, let's not
stay blue. Please ask yourself, what color are you?

I have spoken I all could.
And perhaps, and most likely all I should. Now to ask yourself, I wish
you would. Now I leave you be and leave you free. You've spent enough
time with me.

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