Six billion knives. One for all our lives. Given to preserve, but used to cut those who don't deserve. Piercing the backs of those around, not once does anyone ever stop, not even when the bodies hit the ground. Sheer destruction, mass hatred and discrimination. The planet lies in wait for its obliteration. It's a shame at how many innocent face disintegration. Wasting away into nothingness and for what? Everyone else's foolishness.

Close your eyes, and your minds, and open your ears. Listen to the silence that does not exist. The sound of peace, harmonious sounds drowned out by discord. Forever plagued by dissonance… Envision hope, then watched as its snatched away.

Pain, keeps true happiness at bay, chained up and locked down. We all smile, yet those in tune to the truth can only frown. In, out, left, right, and around. Can we turn it upside down? We have to choose…take the knife in our hands and cut a path to a new and better life. Or slay those around us like our mortal enemy…and add to our ever growing ocean of strife.

And to think that such big change can be affected by such a tiny knife.

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