Ash, Ashes, Dust…

All alone as time passes by, all the heart can do is cry. As the world revolves, I watch silently in wait. Cherishing the fading moment, ignoring the dull burn, and infinite torment. Losing my resolve, escaping pain, the puzzle that can't be solved.

The sun burns and shines like a phoenix. Tears in ash, ashes, dust. From my eyes, even gold can rust.
In this circle, away from the crowd, forever afraid to trust. Who to turn to?

Drifting like the ocean current. Away from shore, and the rest of the world. Don't say that word…abandon. Turn away and don't look back. Watch it all fade to black. Even when freed from worldly ties, I still feel trapped.

Time, ticking by without care. Living under its forever haunting, looming stare. The pressure makes it hard to breathe, so close to death that you would not believe.
Even if I spoke in truth.

Some say that hope, faith, or even patience is the key. But what good can they do, if they can't set you free?

I search for something that was taken from me, although it was something I've never had. What forced me to walk this path? Why must I fall subject to fate's wrath?

Purity, is but only a myth to the fallen, and salvation could never come to those beyond desperation.
Ash, ashes, dust…

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