You cast your eyes down upon me and
tell me I'm weak, I'll show you. I shall not
fall, a million times, I've told you. You
may break my bones and knock me to
my knees. It is sad that I'm the only one
who sees that my soul will stand.
Unmoving, and unharmed. My physical
presence is only an imitation of my my
true, and immortal spiritual existence.
What I tell you here is not an act of
defiant resistance, but instead a chance
to speak my truth and forever enlighten you,
so that you may open your eyes and
turn away from your futile attempts to
bring me down. I look down upon thee,
he who does not see me, for me, and he
who so foolishly sought to destroy me
and failed.
I say to you this: My unmoved spirit,
and strong soul are what make me
king. My everlasting self, and eternal
memory, destined to forever be hailed.
The spirit will always prevail.

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