We ride into the night, the dark abyss.
Shadows but no eplcipse.
We close our eyes and open our minds to to the silence. Raging storm
and roaring thunder, the waves are violent. The once dark sky, now
bright, no longer silent.

The gods clash in the heavens above.
The Earth trembles, shivers, shakes, we all fear that soon it will
break. Another flash, how much more can it take?
We ponder.

The Earth loves, scolds, and cries
We've seen her mood change throughout our lives.
We wonder:

What does the word need us to do to be freed? She begs, and pleads.

The sky darkens, the gods no longer quarrel, and damage is no longer
done to the world. We are curious as to why the sky is no longer
furious. We all understand that this matter is very serious, and that
we all must take action so that the world may achieve the ultimate
satisfaction, or lash out one last time in hatred, and reduce all life
to but a fraction…

I always stop to think: Can that really happen?

I'm not a prophet nor a psychic. What the future holds, I don't know.
I have lived long enough to clearly see, the result of actions soon
will show, and our only option is to rise or fall below.

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