Disturbed -X- Insanity

Disturbed, enraged, and confused.
You say I was born to win, and yet I always lose.
Heated skin pressed against metal's edge.
So close to insanity that I'm hanging off the ledge.

My heart keeps breaking and I'm wearing down.
All the walls that keep me together are tearing down.

My only enemy is the truth.
I'm scrambling to catch the unraveling threads
before all hell breaks loose.
I try, I try, and I try some more,
but my weak knees bleed and I can take no more.

I cry knowing what the future has in store,
and it's clear to me that this fear will never disappear.
And with a single tear I will tear the universe in half,
and release upon you my unrelenting wrath.
To destroy, then destroy, and destroy again.
Corruption is a locked door and I'm breaking in.

So much anger, so much hate, and all this rage bottled up inside–
I'm locked in a cage.
I claw, scratch, and bite to try to break free.
I'm so far down and so lost, that I cannot see,
the thing keeping me in here is only me.
But like I said, I'm on the edge of insanity
and it's the thing that keeps me sane, it's just a part of me.

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