「-To Kill a Mocking Bird-」

They clipped your wings, and forbid you to sing.
They caged you, so you could not sing.
This is how to kill a mocking bird.
In a short time, the color of your wings fades to gray.
For months, you lived through miserable days.
Little mocking bird, they've taken your soul.
The eyes are black, no longer filled with life.
You’ve done nothing; you don’t deserve your strife.
The mocking bird’s dreams are crushed.
In the distance, music plays.
People clap and their hips begin to sway.
Little mocking bird you have suffered long before this day,
Now hope fills your eyes.
Silent at first, then a little raspy, and finally filled with life and energy.
The mocking bird sings with the tune.
Proudly, confidently, far better than ever before.
Ignoring your cage, you are free once more.

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