-Just a little light-

Footsteps in the shadows.
Left, right, left, right, left.
The echoes fade into the nothing.
Will you please shed a little light?
No walls on either side, to guide.
Me, who has been in the dark for so long.
My heart is weak no longer strong.
Will you please shed a little light?
We walk on and on with no true purpose.
We lie to each other, and only see what lies on the surface!
We may not believe in divinity, and make those around us our enemy.
Could you please shed a little light?
The storm stops, and there is a silence.
We step outside, and there is no violence.
We all cheer, hug, and kiss one another…
Okay… Maybe too much light.
We open our eyes on the day we realize what is real.
We take breath on the day we find our one true goal.
What we see is the world beyond the shadows.
What we see is reality.

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