Reverb [Hibiki Mugen]

I call out to you from the mountain tops, but my only reply is the
sound of my own voice. More words lost in the wind. Nevever to be
heard, I am destined.

I can see you, I can hear you, touch you, smell you. But when I
approach you, the journey takes days. We are extraodinarily close, yet we're so far the miles are countless.

Clouds roll in the the tides along the shore. I cry, witnessing how
something so simple and pure falls upon the desecrated lands; this
realm, the plane we stand on, torn betwen the two worlds.

Snow falls like white fire, consuming everything in its path. Burning
away what little fragments of happiness I have left to hold on to.

I cease my crying and start swallowing despair… I say I love you,
while ignoring the night's cold air. Again I hear the same words…
But not my voice calling back. Hibiki Mugen…

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