Fire Flies [Illuminous Altherri]

Fire flies dance in the darkness, and children play in the summer night's breeze. Dancing stars both near and far. They can reach out, but their arms still to short to touch."Young ones I can see you seek the light, within you I see much bravery," a mother's voice to her smiling gifts of love. In her hands she holds a jar, and removes its lid, three times did she wave it in the air to catch those little lightning bugs. She closed the jar and placed it softly in the hands of her young. With faces filled with joy and pure amazement they heard her voice once more. "My loves I give you this gift, the gift if light. Let your hearts remain strong and let your souls guide you and this light shall never die." The children only smiled and played not yet understanding or realizing what their mother's words meant. In time her words will grow to mean more than any gift a human can give. In time she will come to realize that she had given birth to children who shall not waiver in the shadows, and only press for the light ahead. A gift given out of love shines brighter than the Sun.

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