The Story No One Heard

Golden lights dance in the night.
The wind howls in the night sky.
The Angels have fallen.

Wolves gather, they begin the hunt.
Surrounding their prey, and attack.
Blood is spilled and the soul returns to the land, from it a tree.
New life is born. The seeds spread like dust in the wind,
carrying new beginnings and sharing them with the world.

Golden lights fade from the night sky.
Stars glowing with infinity in the horizon.
The Angels sing, yet no one hears their voice;
the wind cries beneath the moon's light.
The sun awakens, bringing red light;
Wolves to their den. The tree ages and soon it falls,
no one sides a tear.
The earth called one last time in its final moment,
drew last breath and died.
Still no one cared.
This is the story we all ignored.

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