On Top of the Mountain

On top of the mountain,
He is king.
At unrivaled heights,
the angels sing.
Unopposed, his word is law.
With that power ,lies his greatest flaw.
When night fell upon his throne, in the empty hollow he calls home.
A warrior climbed ten thousand steps
,and challenged the king in his time of rest.
The king awakens outraged. "Simple fool, know your place!"
The warrior rose his sword and did not back down.
"Attack him you idiots! I command you!"
The servants sigh and did not budge.
The king ruled with fear and gave them hatred,
they make their stand and turn against him.
"Fine then… I'll kill you all,after him you shall fall."
The warrior jumped and swung his blade, the king dodged, the
Warrior struck the crown.
It fell to the floor, the metal crashed with a loud clang.
"You are a fool to challenge me." Inside his robes he draws his sword
and pierced the chest of the foolish warrior.
Blood spills without end and he falls to his knees.
"As I thought." He laughed. On his feet the king now stands.
The light of the moon breaks through the clouds,
and shines down on the fallen. "This can't be! He is my son!"
"Father now you see that you are the foolish one."
He gasps for air in his last breath,
soon he realized that it was sweet, its gentle lips,
the kiss of death.
The king weeps and holds his son in arms.
The tears fall until sunrise.
The king and all his power meant nothing.
Like his son, he fell as well.
At the top if the mountain he was king.
At unrivaled heights the angels sing.
When opposed he enforced his law.
And that moment shows his greatest flaw.
When night fell upon his throne ,
in the empty hollow he once called home.
A warrior climbed ten thousand steps.
Like the king who once ruled the throne.
He also fell within his home.

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