Words of the World’s Enemy

I’m the worlds enemy,
I was born alone and destined to be alone.
I’m the world’s downfall,
my existence is the beginning of its inevitable end.
I am heartless and filled with rage,
the fuel for my dark flames.
I am the world’s tears,
drowning you in the black abyss of despair.
I’m this world’s abandonment of hope,
my presence erases every trace of optimism.
I’m this world’s harbinger of death,
I shall void the planet of life.
I am the world’s fear,
binding you as you witness the dark end.
I am the world’s chaos,
calamity shall fall upon those in my path.
I see the world’s sin,
and for that I bring it’s final punishment.
I bring the world’s last breath,
watching as it suffocates until nothing remains.
I’m the world’s end,
I hold the 13th and final chapter in history.
The last words to ever be heard
,and soon forced to be forgotten.
“In birth I was given a scythe ,
and thus I shall take life.”

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