Ray of Light

One man rose to save us all.
That man came to end our fall.
He calmed the storm, and fought evil in it's darkest form.
He silenced Raging Dragon.
And escaped the Raven's Lies.
He is our Ray of Light.
The one to end the chaos.
He is one who lost a lot, and gratefully gained little.
One who was not perfect, but grew to become
what was best in his eyes, and the eyes of many.
One hero. The Ray of Light that will hold his sword with pride,and never fade.
He dedicates his life, one life,
to bring peace to those who passed,
those who have lost, and those who cannot fend for themselves.
This man knows the trials ahead will be his hardest yet,
but fear does not stop him.
Raising his head high he accepts his destiny.
And will change ours for the better.
He will forever be… Our Ray of Light.

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