Stick Reaper

"Without life there is no death. Without death there is chaos. Also you get a reaper who is bored as hell." …

"Breaking news! Man finds 'a cure to death'" The television blared at full volume. "Ha! So humans think…that death is some kind of disease," 13 laughed mockingly at the news broadcast. "…And now we bring you Solomon Antonius Shaw." The crowd at the press conference went wild, then silenced when Solomon began to speak. "Today… We are all gathered here to celebrate this amazing discovery…" "I've heard enough!" 13's scythe appeared. He lifted it over his head ready to kill. The man who was watching the press conference took a pill and swiftly chased it with a bit of orange juice. He picked up the remote and ejected a tape, instantly ending the press conference.” A recording?" 13 shouted. RING! Calming down, 13 checked his cell phone. "The Network." A message appeared on screen. "Mark Salazar. Age:72. Time of Death: 22-10-2008 6:14 PM." A nine minutes from now. RING! A new message appeared on screen. "Mark Salazar. Age:72. Time of Death: Undetermined. Permission to kill…" 13 stopped reading for a second, then continued.” Denied…" 13 threw down his phone and stormed outside. His Scythe disappeared, and his phone returned to his hand. "Of course!"

Outer. Home to Reapers, and all sorts of other beings. Vampires, who live amongst humans, and seem to blend in… mostly. Demons, but they aren’t allowed in the human world, and there are only 4 known to live in Outer. Finally Reapers. They make sure humans pass on, so ridiculous things such as living forever aren’t possible. But of course… Humans can’t keep their noses out places they shouldn’t be in , such as the affairs of higher beings…Humans truly are so smart, that it only destroys them.

“Undefined!” 13 shouted furiously. “C-class trash like you should keep quiet.” 19. A-class Reaper. She handled several natural disasters in one day, passing nearly 14,000 single handed. “Rules are rules. Period. Do not take life before the Time of Death, and if there is none do not take life.” “That part isn’t even a rule.” 13 tried to defend his case desperately. RING! 13’s and 19’s phones rang. “A grand meeting between all Reapers now. -Zero” “Zero?” 13 had no clue who that was. “This is exactly why C-class should keep their mouths shut.” 13 was getting annoyed by 19’s arrogance. Reapers began to gather in the grand hall. 13 took a seat in the lower section, trying to get as close as possible without getting caught by upper class members. “Attention!” A loud unfamiliar voice thundered throughout the hall. An old looking Reaper with an intense look on his face. “Zero…” “Today… The Humans have entered a world far beyond their grasp. Their reward? Infinite life! Now the scales of existence have been tipped. They aren’t anywhere near smart enough to grasp the fact that their actions will only destroy them in the end. As Reapers! It is our duty to prevent chaos .We must follow the rules . Zero left, leaving hundreds of Reapers to discuss what just happened. 13 left as quickly as he could. “No… They’re fools! We must get rid of every last one of them now.”

“Can you believe it? A way to live for ever, and gaining full immunity to any disease? What a world we live in.” 13 was listening to a conversation nearby. RING! “I need to get this thing turned off.” “Until further notice Reaping has now been directed to purely animals.” RING! “Mr. Fluffy Snubbles Age: 2.5 Time of Death 10-22-2008 7:43PM” 12 minutes. “This must be a joke. Reaping cats?” 13 sighed. “As if being treated like trash for being C-class wasn’t bad enough. Now I’m stuck reaping cats. They’ve ruined my life, so I’ll end theirs.” 13 appeared before an orange cat lying in a tree. He was about to summon his Scythe, but deemed it unnecessary. “Here kitty, kitty,” he called with a severe degree of anger in his voice. The cat jumped down from the tree. “Forget this!” 13 ignored the cat and searched for the owner, and summoned his Scythe. RING! “Sheryl Anne Summers. Age: 26 Time of Death: Undefined.” “Hmm. This story needs a rewrite… Sheryl Anne Summers Age 26: Time of Death: Right now!” 13 shouted with a dark cheerfulness. 13 swung, cutting right through her. RING! “Sheryl Anne Summers: Deceased” A second message appeared. “This will not be tolerated. You shall be terminated immediately”
The Phone caught fire, and 13 tossed it to the ground. “Try and stop me.”

[Stick Reaper 1 End]

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