The Raven & the Dragon. (Short story)

"The Raven & the Dragon"

Long ago, Man lived on the earth peacefully.

Man lived quiet lives free from the fear of war or death.

Man was constantly watched over by the Dragon Ryuuou.

Ryuuou would once every year return from the heavens bringing gifts for man.

This was called Hinode.

All was well in the land until one year, when Ryuuou ascended into the heavens, the Raven Karasu appeared before a man and his family.

The man cautiously approached Karasu , a creature man has not yet seen in this world. "Do not fear my child," Karasu extended his wing and placed an apple in the man's hands. "Eat it my child," Karasu spoke in a father like manner.

The man hesitated at first but he soon took a bite. He smiled in delight and said "More! I must have more," and thus greed was born into the world.

Karasu extended his wing once again and produced a tree filled with apples for the man and his family to enjoy,

"I am deeply sorry my child, but I must return to my home." The man and his family paid no attention to Karasu as he left.

It was not long before Karasu appeared once again, but this time before another man and his family.
"Come to me my children." The man and his family backed away from the mysterious beast.

Karasu extended his wing pointing to the other man and his family as they ate the apples happily. Karasu placed and apple within the man's hands. "Eat my child." The man took a bite, and he too smiled in delight, and begged for more. "Go to them my children", and thus envy was born.

The second man appeared before the first, and asked him to share his gift. The first man refused. "Why must you refuse, we are all brothers in this land," claimed the second man. The first man refused once again, and thus anger was born, the second struck down the first. " I now claim this for me and my family!" The second man roared. War and chaos were created. Over time more and more heard of the apple tree. Day after day they fought over who should have the gift.

Karasu only watched in amusement as the humans squabbled over something so simple. Soon man created weapons to gain the advantage over his enemy. Months had passed and man had forgotten about Ryuuou, and Hinode. Finally, when Hinode came, Ryuuou saw what the world had become and wept. The humans began to realize what they had done, but it was too late. In rage Ryuuou split the land and scattered it across the world leaving only man and his family to inhabit each piece of land. Ryouuou destroyed the apple tree and searched for the greater cause for this chaos. "KARASU!" Ryuuou roared as lightning crashed down the from heavens. "What is wrong my friend?" Karasu was abnormally calm. "What have you done!" The amount of Ryuuou's rage was shown by amount of lightning that pierced the dark sky. "There is nothing you can do my friend. You will become just like man, fighting each other over nothing." Karasu spoke obviously taunting Ryuuou. One last bolt of lightning rained down from the heavens with a light as bright as day. Ryuuou left the world, and man to live with it's own problems. The light faded only moments after Ryuuou left the world. Once again the sky was black. Karasu; Evil had won.

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